Cloud Anti-virus: Island Joe’s Anti-virus Recommendation

A cloud solution for anti-virus leverages the real advantages of the cloud – scalability, reliability – all while helping you save money. Managing your security is as easy as logging into a web page that lets you add users and manage your anti-virus installations and policies in real time across your network from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Island Joe recommends Symantec® Endpoint for small office/home office (SOHO) and many small and medium business (SMB) clients. For some larger SMBs and some enterprise clients, we recommend Symantec Endpoint Protection. For financial institutions and other businesses and organizations with unique or heightened security needs, Island Joe recommends a managed security solution which I will discuss in another article. For more information on any of these solutions, please contact us. Island Joe is a Symantec SMB Security specialist partner, and the only one in the four-state area. Please visit our Symantec Profile for information on our business relationship with Symantec.

Some key features of cloud anti-virus are:

1) Leverage a larger organization’s resources – with Symantec hosting your anti-virus solution, you can leverage the expertise of the engineers who actually designed the product, instead of relying on a smaller firm with significantly fewer resources.

2) Reduce your IT spend – installing an anti-virus software that is managed from your server increases the cost to manage your network. If your anti-virus goes down, you place a service call to your IT provider who charges you. In the case of a cloud product, the vendor is responsible for the maintenance – no contract required and no cost to you.

3) Reduce wear and tear on your servers – if you have an anti-virus that’s managed on your server, you’ve either had to purchase a dedicated server (increasing your maintenance costs) or host it on an existing server, thus adding additional demand on your server. A cloud product takes the load off of your equipment.

4) Improve reliability – if your anti-virus is managed on your server, you run the risk of significantly degraded security if that server fails. With a cloud solution, you can reduce this risk and maintain an excellent level of security.

Many IT vendors will select a product based on personal anecdote, or their own level of experience and comfort. As a firm built from the ground up to aggressively deliver best-of-breed solutions to its clients, Island Joe uses data (not anecdote) to drive our recommendations. All of our software recommendations are based on specific selection criteria:

1) Effectiveness

2) Ease of use

3) Availability of 24 x 7 x 365 vendor support

4) Vendor’s green rating

Symantec’s solutions for SMB and enterprise are the most highly rated by multiple industry experts. Independent anti-virus testing1,2,3 has consistently rated Symantec’s products at the top, and Symantec ranks at the top of the Gartner Magic Quadrant4.

Attention to detail, helping your business save money, and our relentless drive to deliver cutting edge, enterprise-grade solutions to your IT challenges are all factors that separate Island Joe from the competition. For more information, contact us.

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